At Thambili Island, we seamlessly blend the allure of island living with timeless elegance, producing resortwear that draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of Sri Lanka. Our commitment lies at the intersection of ethical fashion and community empowerment, as we collaborate with skilled local artisans to encapsulate the very essence of the inner island goddess. Embark with us on a journey to redefine fashion through authenticity, sustainability, and meaningful connections—one island-inspired piece at a time.

Thambili takes pride in being a responsible brand, dedicating our efforts to designing and crafting exquisite and distinctive pieces, even incorporating recycled textile waste. With a resolute commitment to a circular mindset, we conscientiously mitigate the impact of both production and consumption, while simultaneously fostering a positive influence on both people and the planet.



Being an Island Girl at heart, I wanted to combine my love for design & travel to create a resortwear brand that is the essence of island life and effortless silhouettes. Inspired by life in Sri Lanka, Thambili Island aims to deliver clothing pieces that captures the inner island goddess unique to each and everyone of you.As a young entrepreneur who firmly believes that ethical fashion & community empowerment is the future, it was very important for me that Thambili Island is built on these pillars from day one. Staying true to these values, at Thambili Island we work closely with a talented group of local artisans to bring your clothes to life.I’m really thankful for the amazing responses we have received so far and I’m excited for you to be a part of our journey!With love, Dishnira Saparamadu