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Cane Couture is a Sri Lankan eco-luxe brand aiming to promote Sri Lankan ingenuity on a global platform by embracing and innovating its traditional crafts skills to empower its contributors and their communities as well as educate the conscious consumer about the true value of a hand made, artisanal product.  
We are comprised of all local artisans and crafts people skilled in various cottage crafts such as cane work, leather work , beeralu lace and handloom fabric who contribute towards the creation of our one-of-a-kind designs. 
Furthermore as part of our pledge to ensure a wholly Sri Lankan eco-friendly and ethical brand, we source all our raw materials locally, conduct our manufacturing based on fair-trade principles whilst working towards a zero-waste policy. We also prioritize on creating end products that help to promote sustainable fashion whilst educating consumers about the people and process behind the product for a heightened level of responsible consumerism. 

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